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The amount of knowledge workers confronted with flexible work processes and increasing complexity are rapidly growing. In todays knowledge society knowledge inside organizations is the most important resource and a sustainable competitive advantage. To cope with these challenges knowledge workers have to share their knowledge, collaborate and communicate with their colleagues effectivly across organizational boundaries.

vernetzte Organisation

A strictly hierarchical organization is not appropriate. Mos of the companies today have a comprehensive project organization to handle that issues. Since many organizations implemented social media over the last years one of the biggest challenges is to establish active and value-creating communities that use these tools and enable steering of the knowledge base. Modern web 2.0 tools support set-up and collaboratio of communities. Due to cross-location and cross-organization connectivity of employees redundancies and search times can be reduced, ideas can be created and become innovations.

vernetzte Organisation

After the seminar you will know different community types with their characteristics and potential benefit. Together with the knowledge about community success factors and concrete tipps and tricks for the creation of interesting content you'll be able to set-up and run a community.


Welcome in the online course for the "Internal Community Management Seminar". To deal with the sections below you'll need 1-2 hours upfront.

  1. Background
  2. Basics
  3. Lifecycle- & Task-Model
  4. Community Manager Tasks

ToDo's before the Workshop

  1. Read the lections above
  2. Note questions you have (will be handled in the workshop)
  3. (optional) Send your ides for the open sessions to workshop moderator


You'll get editable versions of this templates (pptx, xlsx, docx) if needed:

  • Community Canvas
  • Community Roadmap
  • Community Check
  • Community Steckbrief
  • Community Manager Task Cards (only German version available)

Agenda Seminar

  • Introductory Round
  • Wrap up
    • Internal Community Management Background
    • Internal Community Management Basics
    • Internal Community Management Lifecycle- and Task-Model
  • Community Canvas / Community Check
  • Open Sessions
  • Final Discussion Round