Internal Community Management/Community Manager Tasks

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The following tasks help community managers to start, operate, and develop a community. Altogether there are 24 tasks that according to an individual community can be more or less relevant or not relevant at all.

Start a Community

No. What How
1 Plan Community strategically (1/4)

Create a community concept using the community canvas. Develop a community roadmap and get agreement of your superiors.

  • Use templates (Community Canvas, Community Roadmap)
  • Meeting

2 Plan Community strategically (2/4)

Create a structure for your community (e.g. frontpage) and publish a community profile (incl. short description) for members and interested party of your community.

  • Create a community frontpage
  • Use templates (Community Profile)

3 Plan Community strategically (3/4)

Organize a kick-off meeting and concretize goals and activities together with the initial members.

  • Meeting
4 Plan Community strategically (4/4)

Establish a core member group and delegate tasks.

  • Meeting

Operate a Community

5 Acquire, support, and moderate members (1/6)

Send invitations and present the community idea in meetings.

  • Invite people and grant access
  • Meeting

6 Acquire, support, and moderate members (2/6)

Send welcome message to new members and let them introduce themselfes.

  • Start discussion thread
7 Acquire, support, and moderate members (3/6)

Appreciate active members.

  • Like-Function
  • @mention-Function (in Posts)
  • Comments
8 Acquire, support, and moderate members (4/6)

Moderate emerging conflicts and problems.

  • Create comments
  • Face-2-Face Conversation
  • Communicate via email (backchannel)
9 Acquire, support, and moderate members (5/6)

React to posts of members fastly (e.g. replys, comments, likes)

  • Reply
  • Comment
  • Like-Function
10 Acquire, support, and moderate members (6/6)

Support community members to use the technical infrastructure.

  • Meeting
  • Face-2-Face Conversation
11 Create content & stimulate interaction (1/6)

Create a document together with the community (e.g. protocol, agenda, report).

  • Create document
12 Create content & stimulate interaction (2/6)

Share interesting content with the community.

  • Create blog post
  • Share-Function
13 Create content & stimulate interaction (3/6)

Create survey to collect community member's opinion.

  • Conduct survey
14 Create content & stimulate interaction (4/6)

Create newsletters or summarys to recap current community activities (e.g. meetings).

  • Create blog post
  • Email (just a teaser linked to blog post)
15 Create content & stimulate interaction (5/6)

Ask a question regarding:

  • A solution for a problem
  • Personal opinion on a topic
  • Experience for an incident
  • Start discussion
16 Create content & stimulate interaction (6/6)

Start an idea crowdsourcing and motivate community members to participate.

  • Ideation tools
  • One blog post per idea
17 Host community events

Host community meetups on a regular basis to link community members with each other.

  • Community meetup
  • Creat blog post
18 Promote community (1/2)

Find a management sponsor for your community.

  • Meeting
  • Face-2-Face Conversation
19 Promote community (2/2)

Communicate success stories and activities of the community in meetings, newsletters, intranet, and social network.

  • Create blog post in publich area
  • Meeting
  • Face-2-Face Conversation

Develop a Community

20 Monitor Community (1/5)

Track the key indicators of the community.

  • Evaluate system statistics
21 Monitor Community (2/5)

Create pollings and questionairs to get feedback of community members according usage patterns and generated value.

  • Perform survey
  • Provide questions as discussion thread
22 Monitor Community (3/5)

Answer questions contained in the community check.

  • Create document
23 Monitor Community (4/5)

Administer content of your community.

  • Delete content
  • Move content
  • Cultivate folders and categories
24 Monitor Community (5/5)

Evaluate data from community monitoring together with the core members regulary and adapt community canvas and community profile.

  • Create/Update document
  • Meeting