The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook

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Peter Senge's national bestseller The Fifth Discipline, revolutionized the practive of management by introducing the theory of learning organizations. Now Dr. Senge moves from the philosophical to the practical by answering the first question all lovers of the learning organization ask: What do they do on Monday morning?

The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook is an intensely pragmatic guide. It shows how to create an organization of learners where memories are brought to life, where collaboration is the lifeblood of every endeavor, and where the tough question are fearlessly asked. The stories in this book show that companies, businesses, schools, agencies, and even communities can undo their "learning disabilities" and achieve superior performance. If ever a book gave meaning to the phrase hands-on, this is it. Senge and his four co-authors cover it all:

  • Reinventing relationships
  • Being loyal to the truth
  • Strategies for developing personal mastery
  • Building a shared vision
  • Systems thinking in an organization
  • Designing a dialogue session
  • Strategies for team learning
  • Organizations as communities
  • Designing an organization's governing ideas[1]

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