Mastering Organizational Knowledge Flow

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Why do so many organizations struggle with making use of existing knowledge? Why is knowledge sharing - an idea that makes so much sens - so hard to implement? And why is it not embedded into the everyday practice of every organization if it is so strategic? With proven ideas for making knowledge sharing a success - as well as insights for why it might not have worked before - Mastering Organizational Flow: Knowledge Sharing Work draws from author and knowledge-management expert Frank Leistner's experiences, lessons learned, examples, and stories, illustrating what works - and what doesn't work - within the organizational knowledge flow.

Holistic, comprehensive, and grounded in practice, this guide focuses specifically on the human side of making knowledge sharing work, with discussions on:

  • Pragmatic tips and tricks on initiatives that really work and produce extensive value
  • How you can influence the organizational knowledge flow
  • What to consider before starting an initiative
  • The roles you will or should play during your initiative
  • Initiative support, culture, and trust - a recipe for knowledge flow success
  • How you can use marketing to start - and sustain - an initiative
  • Solutions for avoiding obstacles to knowledge flow
  • New ways to look at technology and its role within the knowledge flow[1]


  • The Human Touch
  • Getting Started
  • Roles
  • Basic Requirements for Successful Knowledge Flow Management
  • Driving for Success
  • Barriers
  • The Technology Trap
  • Measure and Analyze
  • Knowledge Flow Management: The Next Generation
  • Final Thoughts


  1. Leistner, F.: Mastering Organizational Knowledge Flow: How to Make Knowledge Sharing Work