Knowledge and Strategy

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Organizational knowledge is the most valuable strategic resource, and the ability to create and apply it the most important capability for generating competitive advantage. Knowledge and Strategy addresses the link between knowledge management and business strategy. The article in this book offer a solid foundation for understanding why managing knowledge should be part of every organization's business strategy. Following an introduction by Michael Zack, the book is divided into four parts. Part One, "The Resource-Based View of the Firm", introduces the concept that firms compete based on their strategic resources and capabilities rather than specific products and services. Part Two, "The Resource-Based View of Knowledge", uses the resource-based view as a jumping-off point to explicitly consider knowledge as a key strategic resource. Part Three, "Characteristics of Knowledge as a Strategic Asset", examines those characteristics of knowledge that enable it to function as a strategic resource and addresses the implications for its management. Part Four, "Knowledge and Strategy", explicitly examines the relationship between knowledge and strategy and the implications for managing knowledge to create competitive advantage.[1]


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