Enterprise 2.0 in Europe

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The present report contains the final results for the study on “Enterprise 2.0 in Europe”, produced by Tech4i2, IDC and Headshift for the European Commission. The report is addresses 4 main issues:[1]

  • What is [[Enterprise 2.0}}?
  • Why it matters?
  • How is it implemented?

So what should the European Commission do? There are many definition of E20. We adopt the general definition by McAfee (2009), based on the concept of SLATES: Search, Links, Authoring, Tags, Extensions, Signals. Concretely, we refer to the adoption of Web 2.0 tools and values by enterprises, with particular regard to three kinds of products:

  • Tools for identifying people with expertise, knowledge or interest in a particular area and linking to them
  • Tools for finding, labelling and sharing useful content/information (authoring)
  • Wiki/collaboration/authoring and project work


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  1. Enterprise 2.0 in Europe. 2010.

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