Enabling Knowledge Creation

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k When "The Knowledge-Creating Company appeared, it was hailed as a landmark work in the field of knowledge management and sold nearly 40.000 copies. Now, Enaibling Knowledge Creation: How to Unlock the Mystery of Tacit Knowledge and Release the Power of Innovation ventures even further into this all-important territory, showing how firms can generate and nurture ideas by using the concepts introduced in the first book. Weaving together lessons from such international leaders as Siemens, Unilever, Skandia, and Sony, along with their own firsthand consulting experiences, the authors introduce knowledge enabling - the overall set of organizational activities that promote knowledge creation - and demonstrate its power to transform an organization's knowledge into value-creating actions. They describe the five key "knowledge enablers" and outline what it takes to instill a knowledge vision, manage conversations, mobilize knowledge activists, and globalize local knowledge. The authors stress the exclusive purview of one individual - or designated "knowledge" officer. Ideed, it demands new roles and responsibilities for everyone in the organization - from the elite in the executive suite to the frontline workers on the shop floor. Wheter an activist, a caring expert, or a corporate epistemologist who focuses on the theory of knowledge itself, everyone in an organization has a vital role to play in making "care" an integral part of the everyday experience; in supporting, nurturing, and encouraging microcommunities of innovation and fun; and in creating a shared space where knowledge is creating, exchanged, and used for sustained, competitive advantage. This much anticipated sequel puts practical tools into the hands of managers and executives who are stuggling to unleash the power of knowledge in their organization.[1]



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