KMWorld/16. KMWorld 2012

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Informationen zu ausgewählten Beiträgen

  • Gordon Vala-Webb (PWC): KM Strategy in a Box
  • Frank Leistner (SAS): KM Driving Organizational Flows Using Enterprise Social Media
  • Dave Pollard (Retired CKO, Ernst&Young): Better Face-to-Face Knowledge Sharing
  • Patrick Lambe (Straits Knowledge): Conducting Knowledge Audits
  • Gordon Vala-Webb (PWC): Change Management for Knowledge Managers
  • Colin Cadas (Rolls-Royce): KM Strategy & Knowledge Mapping
  • Dave Snowden: Creating a KM Strategy
  • Clayton Grigg (CKO, FBI): KM Techniques & Practices
  • Stan Garfield: KM Without the Name!
  • Ed O’Neal (Shell): Lessons Learned in Social KM
  • Stacey Gelman (Merck): Portals: Getting Smaller With Social (Sync)
  • Ramin Assa (Booz Allen): Change Management & KM
  • Dave Snowden: Making KM Strategic